Hi! My name is Federico Fasce.

I'm a gentleperson and a game designer.

Nice to meet you!

I'm a game designer and game curator based in Genova, Italy. I love games, in every possible form, from digital games, to board and street games.

I’m convinced that games are the defining medium of this century, and I love to experiment with them. I try to apply game design to other human activities, because games are great at communicating and explaining things. I try to work on my games focusing on the emotions I want people to feel, and crafting game mechanics from them. If you want to look at my game experiments, I've got a small boutique label, it's called Sticky Toffee Games.

As a game curator, my mission is to find hidden gems in the world of games, and let people play them and love them. I'm the co-founder of Game Happens!, a game collective based in my hometown. I also teach game design, and I hold classes, workshops and lectures.

Besides the usual social thingies listed below, you can follow me on Medium where I occasionally write more in-deep stuff, or maybe you can subscribe to Nudge, my little weekly newsletter.