Hi, I'm Federico Fasce.

I'm a gentleperson and a game designer.

Nice to meet you!

I’m the cofounder and creative director at Urustar, a small game design team based in Genova, Italia. I love games, in every possible form, from digital games, to board games, to street games.

I’m pretty convinced that games are the defining medium of this century, and I love to experiment with them. I try to apply game design to other human activities, because games are great at explaining, teaching and describing things. I try to work on my games focusing on the emotions I want people to feel, and crafting game mechanics from them.

Besides designing and developing games, I teach game design. I have held several game design classes (at IED and IULM in Italy) and I hold one-day game design workshops for clients like Digital Accademia. I see myself as a game evangelist, and I try to explain to my clients what games are and how they should use them effectively.

Oh, one last thing. If you speak Italian, you may want to check out this Medium collection.